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Plant growth promotion effect of plasma activated water

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The Science


Plasma everywhere

Plasma activated water (PAW) can represent an alternative to chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

High yield of agricultural crops relies on planting high vigor seeds. In order to achieve high yields, treatments for the protection of seeds against pathogens and pests and for stimulation of germination and fertilization are widely used.

Recently, the non-thermal plasma (NTP) technology has focused its attention on the field of agriculture as an alternative to chemical biostimulators. Physical plasma is considered to be the fourth state of matter and it constitutes the major part of the visible Universe.

Cold plasma technologies are already considered as an alternative to other consecrated treatment methods for air, water, soil, seeds, sprouts, seedlings or plants, meant to improve their characteristics. Studies on the properties of water treated with cold plasma highlighted the organic contaminants removal and the generation of reactive species like H2O2, respectively NO3− and NO2–20.

From a physiological standpoint, the use of plasma in agriculture is better known for the positive effects on seed germination or on early growth plant. For instance, NTP treatment (140 W–160 W power) on maize seed increased the germination rates by 28%, the length of the wheat radicle was effectively increased by 8.7 cm and 3.3 cm, the dry weight of the wheat was increased by 10.1%; and germinative energy of the aging seeds have been greatly increased.

When the plasma is added to the water, the reactive species dissolve. The resulting plasma-infused water, with its biologically available nitrogen, will then be used to irrigate the plants. It will do the same job as ammonia: Nitrogen, which plants require for growth, is delivered as ions, excited molecules and compounds in the water. While heavy doses of reactive species can harm plant cells or DNA, the amount in plasma-treated water has been shown to be safe for the plant

Plasma Activated Water (also known as "Plasma Water") has been shown to:


  • Increase rooting speed

  • Reduce water consumption

  • Enhance seed germination

  • Stimulate plant growth

  • Prevent pests

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