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Plasma Activated Water.  
Dissolved Hydrogen Nano Bubbles.

Nano Bubbles
Cavitation  INFUSION Technology.

Increased Oxidation Reduction Potential

With over 15 years of experience with over 50 Patents in the Nano Technology industry, we provide workmanship and nano technology for the agricultural, hemp cultivation, industrial water treatment and other commercial markets. In need of a powerful Nano technology?  
Look no further! 

Hydrogen/Oxygen Infusion Technology


  • 10 nano produces beyond 1 trillion nanobubbles per ml

  • Higher dissolution rate

  • Delivery becomes more efficient as roots can easily access beneficial gasses that increase plant vitality.

  •  Instantly infuse more than 8mg of oxygen per liter of water

  • Reduced crop cycle

  • Increased plant health

  • Improves disease resistance

  • Improves water quality

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